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How Algae Spores Can Accumulate On A Roof & How To Keep Them Under Control

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Are you aware that algae spores can cause a lot of damage to your asphalt shingles if they are not removed in a timely manner? The spores can spread quickly when the moisture levels on the roof are sufficient enough. In this article, you will learn how algae spores can accumulate fast and what you can do to keep them under control to protect your asphalt shingles.

How Can Algae Spores Accumulate on a Roof?

On a windy day, algae spores can blow over from another roof onto yours. If there is water sitting on your roof, the spores will remain on the asphalt shingles and begin to accumulate. You may have water on your roof if you have rain gutters that have not been cared for properly and are clogged up with debris. Water can spill over the top of clogged up rain gutters.

Algae spores are also able to accumulate when there is a lot of shade on the asphalt shingles from trees. Trees near the roof will not only help create a good shade environment for algae spores, by the shade can prevent the sun from shining on the roof to dry up any water that is present. You must take the time to make sure the shade and moisture levels are kept under control to prevent algae growth.

What Can be Done to Keep Algae Growth Under Control?

The most important way to keep algae growth under control is investing in a roof inspect no less than two times per year. During a professional roof inspection, the specialist will be able to look at the rain gutters to determine if they are clogged up or in need of a repair. The gutter can be cleaned with a trowel if there is debris present, or replaced if they have become rusty and inefficient. Contact a roofing specialist like Rai Roofing Ltd for help maintaining your roof. 

Algae growth can also be kept under control by hiring a tree specialist to remove or prune trees that are too close to the roof and creating shade. It is also important to prevent leaves from falling onto the roof, as they are what typically cause problems for rain gutters.

Taking care of your roof should be a top priority as a homeowner because replacing one can be expensive if you are not covered by insurance. Make sure a roofing specialist is hired to do inspections that can help you prevent algae spores from accumulating and destroying your asphalt shingles!