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A Rubber Recoating Agent For Your Pool's Deck

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Outdoor concrete is prone to mold and mildew growth and wet concrete can be hazardous to anyone walking around the perimeter of your pool. If you would like to upgrade the concrete deck that surrounds the water feature, choose a rubber coating that is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and safe.

A Textured Coating That Can Be Dyed

A rubber decking material can be hand-poured over concrete, wood, brick, tile, or even dirt. Small non-toxic rubber granules that are dyed a specific shade will be mixed with synthetic rubber during the manufacturing process. The result is one that is lightly textured and that will be able to bear heavy weight loads without tearing or shrinking.

A contractor who specializes in the installation of rubber resurfacing products will provide a color chart, which may aid you in picking one or more shades that will appeal to the outdoor pool area.

Choose one rubber product that is a dark color to add a border around the pool and another color of the rubber product to highlight areas where furnishings will be arranged, or choose a single shade to provide the deck with a seamless look. If slipping on wet concrete used to be a concern of yours, the rubber coating will minimize accidents and if one does occur, the rubber coating will act as a buffer and will prevent serious injuries.

No Disruption To Your Property

With the addition of a concrete deck, sub materials must be installed prior to the pouring of the concrete. This may include digging a trench around the area where a deck is being installed. Replacing an existing deck with a new one is also a complex job that will require old materials to be torn up prior to pouring new ones.

A resurfacing agent will not require any disruption to your property. After having your pool deck inspected, you can customize plans for the rubber agent that will be poured on top of the concrete.

If you would like to add a design to the deck that includes wavy lines or shapes that contain a distinct color of textured rubber, go over your proposal with your contractor and have them draw up some plans that will provide you with a visual display of how the finished deck will look. After the resurfacing agent is applied to clean concrete, you will need to wait for it to cure, before walking on the deck's surface.

For more information, contact a commercial pool deck contractor.