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Did Something Wet Just Drop?

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You're walking to the kitchen to get a drink of water in the middle of the night. There's a storm, and the rain is heavy enough to knock on the windows like a lightly tapping stranger. As you may your way back, a cold, quick touch lands on your shoulder.

Was that rain? It can't be rain, you're indoors. Was it just your imagination, or did something splash from your glass of water? If it happens once, it might be a trick of the mind. If you see something wet on the floor or constantly notice dripping from above, you might have a leak that needs patching—quickly. Before another day goes by, take the time to understand what could have happened and how roofing contractors can help.

But The Roof Is New!

A leaky roof is a depressing annoyance for people living into homes that have stood against multiple decades—or even over a century—through weather's tumultuous history. If your home is barely five or so years old, you may be confused at a leak in your splendid, new home.

Unfortunately, there are a few different elements conspiring against your roof that could lead to a problem. Modern roofing techniques have come a long way and should be able to resist high winds, but what if a projectile were to strike the wrong place? During storms with high winds, it's not uncommon for boards, branches, and other projectiles to fly in random directions. A projectile could have hit your roof and dislodged a shingle or shake.

Pests can be a problem as well, especially if there was previous damage. Birds or squirrels can pull at weak spots to expose a gap, which can be used for anything from nests to finding a better vantage point to get into your home.

These problems can happen quickly, and older homes may simply have damage from a combination of wear and tear, pests and storms over multiple decades. Your leak could be a lucky break if you catch it earlier, because it could tell roofing contractors of a local problem.

Preparing For Bigger Problems With Regular Maintenance

A roofing contractor team can inspect the damage and find the source of the problem. If it's pests, deterrents can be implemented, such as reducing the number of tall trees that have easy access to your roof. To defend against birds, heavier roofing material may be necessary.

This is a chance to choose a more specific type of roof, which can be both practical and visually more appealing. If you went with the basic black shingle design, roofing contractors may suggest an entirely new tier of roofing materials such as concrete roof tiles or metal roofing materials. 

Contact a team of roofing contractors like Shuswap Pro Roofing Ltd to set up an inspection for a leak, and to arrange a lasting professional relationship for ongoing maintenance.