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Setting Up A Clean And Convenient Venue

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If you're a party organizer or have a knack for planning get-togethers, you know that there's one thing that everyone needs: a restroom. If you're using homes or recreation centers as your venue, you're risking a chance that the restroom or bathroom may be under some serious stress as different needs--and maybe different sobriety levels--head in to freshen up. If your restroom(s) aren't up to par or you'd like a temporary solution to keep guests and yourself comfortable, take a look at a few toilet rental and septic service options.

Outdoor/Portable Toilet Options

For outdoor events that aren't part of a wilderness survival theme, you'll need comfortable bathrooms that fit the expectations of your crowd. Although some guests may be used to the bare basic, portable toilets in the form of a rectangle, there are a few advanced options.

Toilet trailers can be hauled onto location to give guests a bit more room to handle their relief business and freshen up. With enough breathing room to avoid some of the scents of previous guests and enough infrastructure to add fans and easier disposal methods, these trailers represent a significant step up in portable relief.

In addition to available space, toilet trailers are often equipped with sinks and cleaning equipment storage. This allows guests to properly freshen up and avoid many of the sanitary dangers of shared restrooms. Potable water can be brought onto location, and maintenance staff is just a phone call away.

Long Term Installation 

Although these outdoor toilet options are often temporary, converting the trailers into a permanent fixture for relief is just a septic tank away. By installing a water main to either rural water company connections or tapping into a safe, reliable and later filtered water supply, you can turn the restroom into a fully functional bathroom. If you plan on keeping regular meetings in the area, a long-term lease or complete purchase agreement might be a good idea.

For long-term installations that use septic tank services, keep in mind that part of the area will need to be excavated in order to create a leach field or drain field. These fields are made of a mixture of porous gravel, sand and other absorbent materials that act as a buffer zone between the groundwater, local water vegetation, and the septic tank in the event of a leak.

As long as regular maintenance is kept by professional septic system personnel, you can enjoy a regularly-used venue with a rest area that you can rely on. Contact a toilet and septic service professional (such as Action Toilet Rentals) to discuss plans for your guests' entertainment.