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Alternative Short-Term Uses For Cranes You May Want To Endorse As A Crane Rental Company

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Cranes are almost always tied to heavy lifting and construction. As the owner of a crane rental company, you may be looking for other ways to rent out your cranes and increase your profits. Here are a few alternative short-term uses for cranes that you may want you and your company to endorse.

Removing Morbidly Obese and Bedridden People from Their Homes

You have probably seen some reality TV shows or TV dramas that feature morbidly obese people in excess of several hundred kilograms. These people, once they are bedridden and in need of medical attention, require a half dozen or more strong men and women to lift and move them onto a gurney, and even then these patients might not fit through the doors of their homes. That is when you see construction cranes being used to lift these patients right out of their beds and through openings created in the sides of their houses. This is one alternative short-term use for your crane rental service (but be sure to promote it with a soupcon of respect and dignity).

Picking up Train Cars After a Derailment

Train cars are notoriously heavy. Sometimes the derailment of several train cars can leave quite a mess. Nothing on earth can properly right a train car after it has derailed like a crane can. Although you cannot exactly promote your crane rental service at the time of such an accident, you can contact the railways ahead of such accidents and leave them your business information and price list so that they know who to contact when they want and need an emergency rental crane to right derailed cars.

Lowering and Launching Small Submersibles

Oceanographers and ocean explorers can also benefit from your crane rental service. Quite often these ocean experts have small submersibles that are exceedingly heavy and cannot be moved any other way except by crane. When they need to lift, lower and launch new subs or transport and relaunch subs in another location, they can rent a crane to accomplish the job. To promote this short-term alternative use for your cranes, contact the marinas in your province and ask to speak to the dock supervisors or dock foremen. (You may even want to promote more frequent and long-term use of your cranes to the dock foremen or dock supervisors, since their own cranes may break down frequently and require replacements to continue daily business.)

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