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Need New Window Glass? Know What To Pick

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If you have high heating and cooling bills even though you replaced your window frames in the past few years, the problem could be the glass. The glass that was used during the project may not be as energy efficient as it could be.

Have a window inspection company come to the home to see if the frames are still in good condition. If so, just get an estimate to have all of the glass in the house removed and replaced. Look for the following things in new window glass.

Light-to-Solar Gain

The light-to-solar gain is the amount of heat from the sun that will pass through your windows, making it difficult to cool your home in the summer. Tell the window contractor that you want glass that will prevent the UV rays from passing through, which can cause discoloration on walls, carpeting and furniture over time.


Look at both the U-factor and the R-value of the different glass replacement options you can put in your existing window frames. The higher the R-value and the lower the U-factor, the better the windows will insulate the home. This is important to lower both heating and cooling costs throughout the year, and it will help with blocking out sound.


Look for windows that are glazed and have a slight tint. Double glazed windows are ideal for your home. This will help with cooling costs, and will provide some privacy throughout the windows. You may just want to do this on windows that are in direct sunlight all day long.


Compare the costs of the different windows options with the level of efficiency. You don't have to pay for the most energy efficient windows that are on the market, but investing in windows that will help lower utility costs is worth the expense. You may also get a tax rebate for replacing the glass in the windows around your home and upgrading to an energy efficient option.

Have the glass installation team look to see if you need to caulk or do anything else around the windows in your home, to prevent air loss or potential moisture problems throughout the year. If your vinyl window frames are still in good condition and the experts don't think they need replaced, save the money and leave them. Get multiple quotes by comparing different providers such as European Glass & Paint Co Ltd.