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Want To Get In Shape From The Comfort Of Your Own Home? Turn Your Garage Into A Gym

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The average cost of a gym membership is $55, which seems expensive given the fact that 67% of people with gym memberships never use them. If you want to guarantee that you'll start working out without having to pay someone else to your their space, consider turning your garage into a gym. Here are a few ideas that can help you start up a new exercise routine from the comfort of your own home.

Take advantage of ceiling height for storage

If you use your garage as a catch-all space for extra items like sports equipment and off-season clothing, you might be wondering where all that stuff will go once you've converted your garage into a gym. The answer is quite simple because all of your stuff can actually stay in your garage. If you take advantage of the ceiling height that comes standard with most garages, you'll find that you have plenty of storage space in addition to workout space.

Two options are quite feasible. The first option would be to build floor-to-ceiling cabinets along one side of the garage. These cabinets can be basic and made out of untreated plywood if you want to save money, as it doesn't really matter what they look like as long as they provide handy places to store all of your stuff. Another option is to install shelves running along all sides of your garage (except for the side where your garage doors are located) that are about six feet off the ground. These shelves will provide plenty of space for you to store everything, and they'll also keep boxes and extra equipment from becoming tripping hazards while you move around the room.

Install rubberized floors

Whether you plan on doing aerobics, jumping rope, or weight-lifting, a cushioned floor can keep your joints healthy by absorbing some of the impact from your movements. A rubberized floor is perfect for a gym in your garage, as it can simply be laid down over your existing concrete slab. Additionally, the rubberized floor will keep you from slipping if you've accidentally spilled water on the ground or happened to sweat a lot in a certain place. For the gym rats who also care about cleanliness, rubberized floor are easy to wipe down with cleaning agents that can keep bacteria at bay.

Bring light into the space

Adding natural light into the garage can make your gym a much more pleasant space. In addition to adding to the aesthetics, extra sunlight can actually boost your energy and increase your workout speed and stamina.

Take advantage of your garage doors to bring in natural light. If you haven't updated your garage doors in more than fifteen years, you should consider upgrading them to doors from places like the Garage Door Company that have large built-in windows that bring in light. Some modern garage doors are even fully loaded with floor to ceiling glass, allowing you to feel like you're working out outside while keeping all the bugs and street sounds out of your garage. If you have relatively new doors and/or can't replace your garage doors, have them inspected to make sure they are still working safely. Once they're tuned up, you can keep your garage doors halfway up to let in a little air and light while also maintaining a little privacy.

With these ideas, you can take advantage of the extra space in your garage and also become quite fit at the same time. Creating new storage solutions, installing rubberized floors, and updating your garage doors can get you ready for your next workout from your own home.