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Moving Your Cranes Long Distance When You Relocate Your Business

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As a contractor, it is typical to follow the work where it leads you. Sometimes that involves relocating to an entirely different province and area of the country. Your heaviest of construction and demolition equipment is going to be your biggest relocation challenge. Here is how you can simplify the process and manage to settle in your new space.

Break Down the Cranes

When you move a crane, you can remove the cab portion and telescopically shorten the boom itself. You and your crew could do it yourselves, but it is much easier to rely on a heavy hauling company to do it for you. They are experts at creating smaller loads and positioning them on their hauling trucks such that a crane cab and boom arm looks nothing like what it usually does and does not block traffic during transport. 

Move the Cranes' Drive Trucks Yourself

While the tracks on your cranes could allow you to drive these heavy workhorses all the way to your new location, it is just more sensible to load them onto a flatbed hauler. You can still move the cranes yourself, just not by driving them slowly along Canadian roads where the cranes' maximum speed slows down traffic. An alternative to moving your cranes by truck is moving them by train. In fact, with the extensive railway system in Canada, this is a more ideal mode of transporting your cranes across the country.

The Second Fastest Way to Relocate Your Cranes and Crane Equipment

Trains are actually the fastest way, since everything else has to stop when a train moves through a residential area. The second fastest mode of transport for your cranes and crane equipment are ships. Although large cargo ships can move at double-digit knots through the water, captains and crews have to manipulate around land masses, and they have to slow down to do it. Trains are the only means of transport for your construction needs that move at a fairly constant rate. Both are faster than truck transport, which means that if you are in a hurry to relocate your cranes, you can pick one of these two modes to get everything there faster.

One Other Possibility

One other option is not really an option at all, but if you cannot afford the cost of relocating such large, slow-moving, and very heavy machines, you might consider selling them. You would need to find a used construction equipment seller close to your relocation site so you could buy some cranes there after you sell your lot in the previous location. This is more of a last resort resolution, and one which you should only consider if you plan on remaining in your new business location for more than a couple of years.

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