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Three Tips To Minimize Expensive Maintenance Problems With Your Toilet

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It can be a huge hassle when an expensive toilet clogs or develops a bad leak. And the fact that your toilet is one of the most expensive parts of your plumbing system certainly doesn't help the problem. Luckily, taking these three tips to heart will drastically reduce the chance of your toilet breaking down and requiring expensive repairs:

1. Stay Away From Nontraditional Toilet Models

In contrast to normal toilets with a bowl and large tank, flushometer toilets consist of a bowl with an automated motor system to draw water directly from the pipes. While this may seem efficient and sophisticated, problems with flushometer toilets are usually much harder to solve because of the moving parts involved. Additionally, not many plumbers and plumbing companies carry the necessary supplies to fix unusual toilets.

So if you happen to be shopping for a toilet, go for an ordinary model that's known to be durable. While you don't want to get the cheapest toilet out there, there's no reason to buy something particularly expensive unless you think that the added reliability is really worth the extra cost.

2. Be Very Careful When Lifting And Setting Down Your Toilet Cover

Most toilets are made out of porcelain and will crack much easier than you think. It only takes one careless drop of the lid to cause an initial crack on the top of your tank. If left untreated, the weight of the water inside the tank will cause the crack to widen and eventually shatter completely.

Don't take any chances when you're doing work on your toilet. And before you finish your work, make sure that you inspect every inch of porcelain to see if any cracks have developed.

3. Make Sure That There's Always Enough Water In The Toilet

The most common cause of toilet clogs is a lack of adequate water in the tank. Over time, your toilet's internal pump will become less efficient at drawing up water and will need either a tuneup or a complete replacement.

To help mitigate problems before permanent repairs can be made, manually pour some water into the tank with a bucket. While the water will drain out after a few flushes, it should prevent you from having to deal with a frustrating leak for the immediate future.

Dealing with toilet problems certainly doesn't have to be a major source of dread in your life. With enough elbow grease, even this notorious household troublemaker can eventually be dealt with. To learn more, contact a company like C J Plumbing & Heating with any questions or concerns you might have.