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Insulate Your Pump House To Prevent Problems During The Winter

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The water pipes and water pump that lead to your well may be located inside of a pump house. This small structure needs to be properly insulated in order to prevent frozen pipes, which could lead to the loss of water and the risk of your pump malfunctioning. By planning ahead before the weather turns cold, you can ensure that you will have a steady water supply throughout the winter. The following steps will explain how to accomplish this. 

Cover Exposed Pipes

Thermal insulation can be used to keep any exposed pipes at a temperature that is above freezing. You can purchase this material and cut it to size or purchase preformed sections that are designed for pipes. Wrap the insulation around pipes and place a strip of thermal tape over the edges so that they are brought together. Continue placing sections of insulation down the length of each pipe. If you prefer not to do it yourself, consult with professionals such as Warm Home Insulation Ltd.

Protect The Water Pump

Place an incandescent bulb in a hanging light fixture. This type of fixture will have a wire connected to it and can be hung from the ceiling by tacking the wire directly to it. Run an extension cord to the closest electrical outlet. Turn the light on when the temperature is predicted to be below freezing. The heat that is given off from the bulb will protect the water pump from freezing. One bulb will not drive your energy bill up very much, making it a smart way to safeguard your pump.

Weatherize The Structure

If walls contain any cracks, fill them with caulk. To do this, press the release trigger and pull back the plunger on a caulk gun. Cut the tip off of the tube of caulk. Insert the tube into the gun with the tip facing towards the front. Press the trigger and apply lines of caulk over the cracked areas. Apply weatherstripping around the door of the pump house. Measure the sides of the door and cut pieces of weatherstripping that are the same length. Apply a piece to each side of the door so that they are lined up with the door's frame. When the door is shut, gaps will not be present and this will prevent cold air from entering.

After completing these simple preparations, your well, plumbing, and water pump will be well-protected during the winter. You will have a much better chance of being able to use your water each day without any problems caused from extremely cold temperatures.