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3 Ways To Fit An Inground Pool Into A Small Yard

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You've always dreamed of having an inground pool, but your home has a yard that seems too small for the large pool you always wanted. Luckily, pool contractors deal with this scenario often enough to have designed some solutions. Note that these solutions won't work if your yard is truly tiny, but space-saving options do exist for yards that seem a little short on space.

Lap Pool

A lap pool is essentially one lane of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. A pool contractor, such as Pool Builders, can dig a long but narrow inground pool that still includes a deep and shallow end. This might not be the best solution for large pool parties, unless you know a lot of games that involve single file lines. But a lap pool is more than enough for those simply wanting a way to cool off, relax, or get some exercise during the hot summer months. Due to the small size, easy design, and fewer materials, a lap pool can also provide financial savings over a larger or custom-designed pool option.

Custom-Designed Pool

If money isn't a huge concern, you can contact a pool design company and have a representative design a model that will fit perfectly in your back yard. This option works particularly well for those who have unusually shaped yards where the pool will need to get around an existing concrete patio, an extended section of house, or more. Discuss with the designer what expectations you have on depth and general size, but listen if the designer gives you valid reasons why a particular idea isn't possible or advisable.

This will be the costliest way to go because it will require a long design process, specialty digging and pouring, and perhaps even some specialty materials in order to get the pool to fit where you want it to go. However, the price will be worth it in the long run, as the pool will increase the value of your home.

Buried Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools get their names from the typical installation location: above the ground. However, some pool manufacturers have designed an above ground pool kit that can be partially or fully buried to resemble an inground pool. It's important to still hire a pool contractor and make sure that the materials used were specifically designed for being buried. You can't simply dig a hole and drop in a cheap above ground pool you found at the local store. If you do that, there's a good chance the pressure from the surrounding ground will cause the pool walls to collapse the first time the pool is partly drained for cleaning or winter.