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3 Surprising Reasons You Should Hire A Commercial Painting Service

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If you own a commercial business of any sort or are renovating your home, you may assume you can handle your own painting work. However there are many good reasons to consider hiring a commercial painting service even for smaller jobs. Consider three of those reasons here:

1. Your safety is at risk

Reaching vaulted ceilings or certain nooks and crannies in rooms can mean getting up on ladders and scaffolding, and these are more dangerous than you may realize. Ladders needs to be secured at their feet and put at a certain angle against a surface so they don't slide out from underneath you. Scaffolding needs to be secured properly. It's very easy to fall off these pieces if you don't know how to keep yourself safe when painting.

For the sake of your own safety, always call a commercial painter for the work to be done, especially for exterior work. Soft ground under a ladder may not hold it or your scaffolding even when the wheels are locked and a fall could result in serious injury.

2. Surfaces need preparation before painting

If you've ever painted a room and thought that it didn't look smooth and even and that the paint just didn't seem to adhere to the wall very well, it may be that you didn't prep the surface enough before you painted. Not only do walls and other areas need to be cleaned thoroughly before painting but they may need some sanding and even special coating.

This may mean washing these surfaces by hand or a pressure washer may be a better option, but in either case, a commercial painting company will know how to prep these surfaces and ensure it gets done right before painting begins.

3. Not all paints are the same

When you shop for paints you'll see a wide variety of types, including gloss, semi gloss, latex, and acrylic. How will you know the best type for your surface? Each of these paints will be different in how well it coats and adheres and in the type of finish you get.

A commercial painting company understands the differences in all of these types of paints and will know the best one for your job. They will know the difference between interior and exterior paints and the many finishes each one offers. This will ensure your paint job is done to your specifications and looks as good as you imagined.

To learn more, contact a company like Pro-Guard Painters with any questions or concerns you might have.